The wolf is rushing and it signs the purposefulness of the wearer. Traditional wolf tattoo on hand look more awesome. The back is embellished with the wolf design. Dude! Coming to the symbolism of the traditional wolf tattoo, the wolf symbol took part in many cultures and has positive as well as negative traits. The dark side of a wolf nature is aggression and violence, so, for some nations, the wolf image had a negative connotation. A stunning design of the girl with wolf head tattoo! Colorful lines make this piece more picturesque. Such idea may also work as a spirit guide. 1. This traditional wolf full sleeve tattoo looks unbelievable! This vibrant picture on the chest displays a black and gray wolf with an open mouth, which indicates the man, who always bravely meets life’s challenges. Traditional wolf tattoo is more wild and more aggressive, there are hundred of stories about wolves and usually these stories are a part of traditions. Alas, the little red riding hood's fate has been sealed. For many nations, the wolf pattern was the symbol of fearlessness in the professional, emotional and physical conflict situations in life. An awesome concept includes several patterns, and each of them imparts the sense to the ink. Look and get inspired! The signification of the image is faithfulness of the owner both in a romantic relationship and friendship. A small totem will tell about the devotion to high ideals and your fearless soul. Two wolves tattooed from both sides of the breast are the protective gates. That’s a jaw-dropping idea for a real man! This ink can be classified as a criminal tattoo and a connotation of a blue rose coincides with the denotation of a wolf. Just look at the wolf’s eyes! When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. Read our. The colorful wolf presentations are not so widely spaced; in most cases, the wolves have only colorful touches on eyes or on other additional patterns. Wolf tattoos can be inked in different styles and designs, but the traditional one is mainstream. That awkward moment when you almost didn't even notice the boobs because of that chest piece. A creative idea for the girl’s thigh! Considering a wolf tattoo on the forearm? Combining a monochromatic wolf with the rose in a tattoo presents a sense of love, devotion, and fidelity to the partner. There are many more wolf shadow tattoos circulating around so be sure to stay updated with us! In pagan times, the wolf epitomized reliability, but with the advent of Christianity, the denotation has changed for the worse. That`s crazy! Oftentimes creative people wear wolf tattoos in order to emphasize their individuality and to express themselves. Here a black wolf with a red rose and a string of pearls are depicted. OMG! It’s known that a wolf can be a loner, which opposes itself to the whole world. Such tattoo will help you to manage all obstacles and problems. 2. You got to put these artists' names on your list if you want a good traditional piece because damn, the work they've done on these wolf tattoos are gooood. The whole ink looks like a real painting. The signification is that the man aspires to moral degeneration. You should think well about the placement as the bad choice of it can spoil even an excellent design. If you are looking for a minimalistic but cute tattoo, this concept will answer your wish. A rushing and hunting wolf stands for survival, instinct, and power of a man. Sick idea for mothers! The tattoo is entirely done in black, making a fine contrast with the skin. The wolf is sick and looks realistic due to the finely inked lines. The whole work is done in Indian style and looks stunning on the breast. The traditional wolf ink carries the signification of rough, maybe even a fierce man.