/u/Decicus has also made a few customapis for nightbot that can be found here: https://blog.thomassen.xyz/custom-apis/ They are pretty useful. But I was wondering, are there any other … Press J to jump to the feed. Luci. Luci is a novelist, freelance writer, and active blogger. Commercial. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Right out of the gate nightbot comes with 33 commands that you can start using as soon as you sync your twitch account with nightbot. Archived. No Flair. Here is an example: One of the best things about using the Streamlabs bot is the ability to create custom commands for your viewers to use. Im on there a lot. will change the current volume to the specified number. tiempo de actividad en el Nightbot para el canal Twitch… Allows you to shoutout a streamer who raids you or you are gonna raid and says the game they are last playing. The !title command displays the current title of the stream and allows you and your moderators to modify it. Share this on. To fix it, you can use the !editcommand feature, followed by the name of the command with an edited version of the text that follows. If YouTube or SoundCloud has been disabled in the song request settings, they cannot be used to request songs. Most are accessible via google and reading many docs but I like to keep … 11. !title. For example: If you decide that you no longer need a command, you can use !removecommand followed by the name of the command. There is some overlap but they are nice. While there are mod commands on Twitch, having additional features can make a stream run more smoothly and help the broadcaster interact with their viewers. You made a typo! This is also queue_postion 1. night -> "AWOLNATION - Run (Audio)" by Red Bull Records is the next song. literally anything. Here’s how you would keep track of a counter with the command !icecream. twitch.tv/alstro20. Night -> The volume has been updated to 32. https://nightbot.tv/t/night/song_requests, https://nightbot.tv/t/night/song_requests/playlist, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngzC_8zqInk, https://soundcloud.com/johnlegend/all-of-me-3. will delete the song in the 2nd position and return. Usage!title title. For example: Oh no! will display the current song. Posted by. $(touser) Has Been Following $(channel) On Twitch Since $(customapi, Shows how long someone has been following the stream (i recommend making it moderator only or it gets spammy), Shows the bttv emotes for a channel. However, you can use other options when it comes to the commercial run time, which … A journalist at heart, she loves nothing more than interviewing the outliers of the gaming community who are blazing a trail with entertaining original content. will pause the music player (if it's open and playing), will play the music player (if it's open and paused). will delete the song at the current queue_postion. title is the title you wish to change your stream title to. 4 years ago. Luci is a novelist, freelance writer, and active blogger. $(twitch $(channel) "Stream uptime: {{uptimeLength}}"), Latest tweet from $(channel): "$(customapi. We hope that this list will help you make a bigger impact on your viewers. © StreamScheme 2020 | Powered by StreamScheme | Our passion lies in helping up-and-coming streamers learn valuable skills. will display the title of the current song. also check our docs if you are curious how to do something. Nightbot is a really useful tool to use while you’re Streaming. You can use the ‘/commercial’ command to run a commercial and by default, the commercial will run for 30 seconds. Major key . Currently I have Nightbot set up for things like !uptime and !songrequest and everything important. Example!songs current. If you want to make it lmgtfy replace the link with, $(twitch $(touser) "Give {{displayName}} a follow at {{url}} they were last playing {{game}}"). I believe that api no longer works, If you use the command i posted (and that you quoted, but aren’t using) it should work fine, it does the whole quote and followage for you, so you only need the customapi in the command, nothing else. will move the song in the queue_postion to position 1; the next song. Pensando en ello, decidí crear este tutorial rápido que enseña cómo crear el comando ! Viewing Current Song Usage!songs current. We hope that this list will help you make a bigger impact on your viewers. Any commands are okay to post. I stole that one from the forums. This partner-only Twitch command gives you a break from streaming by putting a commercial in between. Here’s how: To create a command, you will need to enter !addcommand followed by your desired name of the command, then the text that it will display. But I was wondering, are there any other commands? Close. Replace [twitterurl] with your twitterurl, shows your latest tweet. You can do this with the command !setgame, followed by the name of the Game. Here is an example: You may also need to change the game category with Streamlabs. will display the title of the current song. User account menu. /r/Twitch is an unofficial place for discussions surrounding the streaming website Twitch.tv. You can help them change the title through streamlabs with the !settitle command, followed by the name of the game. Twitch Commands For Channel Editors and Broadcasters 14. Creating a Poll Usage!poll new title | option 1 | option 2. title is the main title of your poll.. options are the individual options your users can vote for. Night -> The song list for this channel is available at https://nightbot.tv/t/night/song_requests, will return a link to the channel's playlist, Night -> The song playlist for this channel is available at https://nightbot.tv/t/night/song_requests/playlist. In this instance, that would be written like this: Sometimes a streamer will ask you to keep track of the number of times they do something on stream. You don’t need to change $(channel), that is a variable that nightbot does automatically. The !songs command is used to manage Song Requests within Nightbot. !8ball, i recommend formatting it how you want. !songs request https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngzC_8zqInk. No additional characters can be added, for example !songs request /watch?v=ngzC_8zqInk and !songs request ?v=ngzC_8zqInk will result in an error. 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