} "numberOfDoors": "0", Taxes de vente à ajouter. "vehicleConfiguration":"(Automatique)", Honda TRX 520FA6 Rubicon er den eneste ATV på markedet hvor du kan vælge mellem automatgear og 10 faste fremadgående gear med et klik. } 2020 Honda Rubicon Review- First Ride Impressions. displayedPrice: '0.0', The Rubicon is very comfortable in the way it feels once you climb aboard. Ces modèles peuvent aussi vous intéresser. "engineType":"s/o", SOLD Price includes plow and winch. engine:'', 12 594 $ 2021 Honda TRX520 Rubicon IRS EPS. "name":"Honda TRX520 Rubicon DCT IRS EPS (Automatique) 2020", } I think it has plenty of power for both fun and work. • Factory pre-loaded spring and rubber damper for front and rear There are no user reviews for this listing. Le modèle que vous souhaitez est-il disponible? "addressRegion": "Quebec", Le modèle que vous souhaitez est-il disponible? "vehicleEngine":[ "@type":"Car", "fuelConsumption":{ I like the raised foot-pegs which give you a good place to base yourself if you want to ride more aggressively. m = s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0]; a.async = 1; a.src = g; m.parentNode.insertBefore(a, m) This is a nice feature. interiorColor:'', You can adjust the preloads if you would like to change the ride. "addressRegion": "Quebec", Soyez sans crainte! "manufacturer":"Honda", "telephone": "1(819) 752-6427" "unitText":"L/100KM"}, The feel of the EPS overall is natural. "vehicleConfiguration":"s/o", dealerZipCode: "G6T 0S7", Prix estimatif calculé à partir du prix de détail suggéré du fabricant. } TRX 520 Automatic DCT + EPS Precio desde: $243,900 Ver Modelo. "fuelType":"s/o" • Easily sheds snow, mud & debris I find the Rubicon will go where it is pointed like any good ATV. vehicleDetails: { [CDATA[ I would also say that if you want to put it in full-auto mode and just go riding all day, you can definitely do that. "addressCountry":"CAN", "value":"s/o ", webkitRequestAnimationFrame || msRequestAnimationFrame; vehicleDetails: { It took practice to get the lever in the right position along with the brake lever in order to make it work. model: 'TRX520 Rubicon DCT IRS EPS', vin:'1HFTE4643L4500379', Veuillez noter que pour réserver ce véhicule immédiatement, un dépôt sera exigé. "bodyType":"s/o", Then there is the level of quality Honda is known for that is obvious on the Rubicon and every other ATV in the Honda lineup. TRX 520 FE Precio desde: $197,900 Ver Modelo. "unitCode":"KMT" }, Throughout history there are legends that we know by name. siteTechnologyVersion: "4.1.0", "unitText":"L/100KM"}, }, i[r].l = 1 * new Date(); a = s.createElement(o), All-steel full-sized front bumper wraps around the headlights, improving protection and adding to the Rubicon’s aggressive appearance. } "addressLocality": "Victoriaville", "numberOfDoors": "s/o", "telephone":"1(819) 752-6427", "streetAddress": "22 Boulevard Arthabaska Est", "streetAddress":"22 Boulevard Arthabaska Est", }, interiorColor:'', Ces modèles peuvent aussi vous intéresser. "vehicleInteriorType":"s/o", vin:'1HFTE4640M4600408', • Greater reliability, SOLID STEEL FRAME The new larger metal racks are compatible with Honda’s Pro-Connect line of accessories, and have lots of of places to use as anchor points. { Outil d'achat en ligne Acheter maintenant. "vehicleInteriorType":"s/o", "mileageFromOdometer":{ "postalCode":"G6T 0S7", displayedPrice: '10999.0', 30 499 $ Voir ce véhicule. 11 694 $ Demande de financement. PLUS enjoy additional …, Right now save $1000 and get financing rates as low as 2.9% OAC on the 2020 Honda Gold Wing Tour! replacement.innerHTML = addStylesNode.textContent; "@type": "PostalAddress", SOLID STEEL FRAME • Open light-weight design TRX 520 4x4 . • Improved durability and performance I would also say it is not on the sporty side, so the Rubicon has body roll when cornering hard. $355.30/MTH. The seat is very well padded and comfortable. "@type":"Offer", "name":"RM Motosport" "postalCode": "G6T 0S7", • Bolt-on tandem mid-roller wheel Now I will tell you that I use automatic mode almost all the time because I don’t want to mess with shifting. Going into reverse could not be an easier. } "engineType":"s/o", "image": "https://img.sm360.ca/images/web/", "openingHours": "s/o", N'inclut pas les promotions en vigueur. TRX 520 FE . (i[r].q = i[r].q || []).push(arguments) "driveWheelConfiguration":"s/o",