( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. FOREVER EDDIE GUERRERO, thanks eddie for those great fights you gave us RIP Eddie Guerrero. My respects to this fighting gift. Videos: In No Way Out 2004, Eddie wins the WWE Championship by defeating the former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 y Part 5). possible victim of the undertaker in wrestlermania, sorry about the suicide, it was benoit's ¿Tributo a Eddie Guerrero..? Rest in Peace… Eddie Guerrero… Latino Heat… We will always remember you, you still live in our hearts. Every time I see that video, Eddie's best fights come to my mind and a lump forms in my throat knowing that he overtook us so soon and deprived us of his fighting art, I hope Alberto del Rio is the successor of this great fighter dem, Sorry friend but Thank You Eddie !!! And in SUPER LUCHAS we will have the best coverage and analysis. LONG LIVE THE RACE !!!! I think that fight would have been worth seeing over and over again !! by Andreita . And the wound still hurts like it was yesterday. Data: 27/01/2009 20:32: Autore: opusdream: Versione: 1: Downloads: 201: Ultimo Download: 15/06/2020 17:27: Peso: 357.78 kB: Condividi: Voto: (1 Voti) E' MORTO EDDIE GUERRERO 16/11/2005 13:55 9 409 viky18. Graciaz Latino Heat !!! 02:46; mayweather vs guerrero. Posted on 12/10/2007, 23:42: troppo bello grande uranio!!!! remember that he had a fight scheduled against batista for the championship and he was going to win it because batista was injured. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Here is the sample of what it is to be great, he toured the best companies in the world and in all triumphs, what else could he have won? Thanks author and superfights, the one who left his teachings to mysterio. :-) In Assistance Advisory and Administration, better known as the Triple A obtains the World Couples Championship next to "Love Machine" Art Barr and two years ago in 2008, the wrestling company pays a well-deserved tribute to include it in its Hall of Fame. VIVALARAZA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Pro Wrestling Federation (PWF) with his brother Héctor Guerrero becomes World Champion of Couples. Share I think that the new generations should learn from the passion of this man ... Rest in peace Eddie, thank you for sharing your great talent with the world ... your memory will be 100pre in our hearts. It was an Exxelente Face and an Exelence Heel always loO support = D The company where he won the highest number of awards was in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ranging from the WWE Championship, the Intercontinental twice, the United States, the European also twice, the WWE Couples together with Chavo Guerrero (Jr.) twice, once with Tajiri and once with Rey Mysterio, in addition to being added to the company's Hall of Fame in 2006. if eddie hadn't died !!! I believe that the best title that Eddie Guerrero took, and that he would continue to take forever if he were still with us, is that of warmth, affection and admiration from his audience, which was not little. Posted on 12/10/2007, 15:55: ecco un video fatto da me sul grande Eddie Guerrero COMMENTATE, COMMENTATE, COMMENTATE!!!! 05/08/2005 22:05 3 … In the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) he lowered the name of Black Tiger (II) conquers with The Great Sasuke, the Junior Heavyweight Super Grade Tag League Championship and conquers the “Best of the Super Juniors” Tournament in 1996. The next WWE PPV is on November 22: Survivor Series. In my opinion, his greatest triumph is that despite the years he will always be remembered in any wrestling company in the world. uranio2. somehow the radikalz would be, Great note, Eddie was the one who motivated me to watch WWE, thanks for all the glorious moments, Impressed by the note. Another important title would take home in those years, the IWGP Junior Weight Championship, but The Great Sasuke gave everything to retain his precious gold. obviously in luchistica quality the LATINO HEAT was better, Pana I'm not saying it because of how he spoke, you didn't understand me but the public's reaction to him and pana, you can see that you don't know about wrestling. » GTA-Expert Files » GTA San Andreas » Skin & Vestiti » Tributo a Eddie Guerrero: Tributo a Eddie Guerrero Due magliette come tributo al fantastico Eddie Guerrero. On the contrary, it keeps them for us and immortalizes them in our memory. RIP Embed. Videos: Part 1, Part 2 y Part 3. FULL MATCH - Team Cena vs. Life does steal them many times and definitely yes, who knows if he was still in WWE, if he was still alive? Eddie, sei la ragione per cui faccio questo! We miss you Eddie Guerrero, without you the fight is not the same !! Long live the race !! come fans sfegatato di eddie do un bel 9 pieno a questo video!!!! I PoOne zuper triizte the death of one of the loOz MAZ GRANDEZ foughtOrez de ToOda la hiztoria ... On the other hand, what else would I have done if I were alive? Great Eddie who made us proud and raised us up by winning the WWE championship. Long live the Race!…. Five years after his death, what else would the “Latin Heat” have won? I congratulate you , The greatest of all the entreteiners wrestlers that the industry has seen was super complete the best a Mic like the rock technique equal to that of Angle and a charisma never seen VIVA LA RAZAAA ……, He is the only wrestler who noticed that in the envy and hatred that WWE had and has among its fighters Eddie was a point apart, he was loved by all, it was noticed in his tribute Dinner, Show, Benoit, Mystery say that even HHH is affected. eddie heel!