Female tokays will often continue to lay their eggs in the same spot over and over. Droplets collect on fixtures and give the gecko an opportunity to drink. No breeding population has been found on Taiwan. A single female may lay up to 3 or 4 clutches of eggs per year. With the strategic approach of building a "minimum viable business" he guides Novus Laurus as well as mentors and invests in other businesses. Because more and more people are becoming interested on Tokay geckos, the demand for “Tokay gecko care” information is also becoming more and more in demand. Do not use spotlights that focus UVA heat; they may burn the lizard. This breeding season is marked by increasing daylight hours and rains. Tokay geckos should breed with little or no encouragement, if they are in good health. To tame one, you have to convince the lizard that you mean it no harm. They will not survive in a constantly wet or damp environment. The subordinate male often becomes injured or suddenly fails to thrive. Eggs should hatch in 90-120 days typically. My pair that is more tolerant of handling has a singular offspring that in turn is very tolerant of being interacted with. Eggs should be incubated on a vermiculite or other slightly moistened substrate. Tokays generally seem to like tightfitting hides, so an adult is more likely to appreciate a piece of PVC 11⁄2 to 2 inches in diameter than one 3 to 4 inches in diameter. If you see this, you are very close to having a friendly tokay. Use a mix of leafy greens, vegetables, fruit and commercial gut-loading products for your feeder insects. Beginner’s Corner: Are You Feeding Your Tokay Gecko Properly? This article will try to discuss the 5 things you need to consider before breeding Tokay geckos. The female uses her back legs to form its shape and to stick it within a tube structure or to another surface. Incubation temperatures are also known to affect the sex of the hatchings. They are fascinating to observe, and with a little invested time, they can be tamed into tractable little beasts. Some common prey includes beetles, ants, spiders, and other insects. The eggs may take longer to incubate, but you will have larger and stronger babies if they successfully hatch. The most difficult part of breeding Tokay geckos is making sure that the eggs hatch. Monitor it with a thermometer. Tokays may seem low-maintenance pets that require little care other than feeding them and cleaning their enclosure. Some animals are also collected for the pet trade and undergo a terrifying process before they ever end up in a vivarium. Many lizards will visit the dish and take what they need. From personal experience, despite their less-desirable nature, Tokay geckos and other species from the Gekko genus are incredibly intelligent geckos. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll simply mate a male and a female Tokay gecko and leave everything to fate. This may be because of a calcium shortage or perhaps the eggs were infertile. Jennifer Gjulameti is a Partner and Producer at Mtown Films. It’s merely up to the individual on how they plan to carry out their project and methods of husbandry. Breeding involves a series of processes from selecting your breeding stocks, Beginner’s Corner: How to Tame a Newly Owned Tokay Gecko. They have very strong jaws and sharp teeth – great for killing their favorite food and excellent in the defense department against animals trying to eat them. Breeding Tokay geckos is comparatively easy and very rewarding. Female tokay geckos lay clutch of 2 eggs at a time. Tokays have two major grooming needs – claw clipping and bathing (especially if your Tokays are having difficulties shedding). This species is collected from the wild in great numbers tosatisfy some cultures’ medicinal beliefs. Quite easily the most intelligent of all geckos that I’ve owned and worked with. Gut load all feeder insects to ensure the most complete nutrition because the gecko benefits from the insect’s last meal. In the wild, tokay geckos breeding season begins in spring and last several months. Tokay geckos may ignore the bowl, so additional water spraying is essential. I also utilize UVB with one pair of Tokays as well. The author started gaining the lizard’s trust by coaxing it out of its hide onto his hand. If you notice any aggressive behavior between tank mates, separate them. Male Tokay geckos typically have brighter gray and blue base colors while females tend to be darker gray and brown base colors. It took effort to tame this peach-headed leucistic morph named Lucifer. Male tokays will often vocalize to attract a female with a loud booming bark. In the wild I assume this species exposes parts of its body to natural sunlight to help regulate vitamin D3, which is essential for many lizard species’ well-being and health. Pradeep Aradhya brings a unique perspective to building commercial success in Technology, Fashion, Food and now Film. It seems more based on weather and seasonal triggers that initiate breeding. They are also a tough crowd to persuade and reason with at times, even with the most thorough evidence. Breeding Tokays and other Gekkonidae species may be easier for some than it may be for others. Tokays are small lizards, but they’re giant geckos. Fake caves, hide boxes, tunnels, logs, and PVC or bamboo tubes make good hides. The trick is to spray down the enclosure enough so water droplets remain for a few hours, yet the enclosure dries out overnight. Feisty but they can produce some stunning offspring if you’re looking towards doing morphs! For the dedicated geckokeeper, they are an intelligent, inquisitive captive. Baby geckos seem to enjoy hiding in small cracks. They should have adequate conditioning first. Tokay geckos are infamous for biting. The second type of bite is the defensive bite, which generally occurs when you grab the gecko with your hands.