Para hacer la facturación tiene 60 días a partir del día que realizó la compra y recibió el ticket. En caso contrario, realice el reclamo. It has lots of green grass varieties of carpet and brown colored outdoor carpet. Lopez Portillo Avenue. Where Do Tourists Come From, And Why It Matters? I feel a little bad buying at Home Depot but they do some good things for customers. Hey very nice website!! Feel at home ! If […], Costco Cancun Address: Kabah Avenue, El Centro (Downtown), Cancun Bring your Costco Card because this is a members only supermarket, excellent quality of products. Here are just a few of them. Before Home Depot was here we had to look at several stores and ask what they had. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Ingresó incorrectamente los datos del ticket y/o su RFC, Confirme si los datos ingresados son correctos, Ya realizó previamente la facturación del ticket, A veces, los clientes que facturan varios tickets a la vez intentan, por equivocación, utilizar el mismo ticket dos veces, Recuerde que para facturar en Home Depot tiene que hacerlo dentro del plazo habilitado (60 días), Está intentando facturar un ticket que pertenece a otra empresa, Si es así, debe realizar la facturación en el sitio de la empresa en cuestión, Fallas temporales en el servicio de facturación en línea. Posted in Everything Playa // 11 Comments. Groceries, clothing electronics, pharmacy, food court, bank, 3 ATM machines. Luis D. Colosio near Plaza Las Americas. Interview-Alfredo Romo Free Diving Expert, How to discover the BEST Mayan ruins on your vacation to Playa Del Carmen, Take a look at what The Fives Downtown Hotel is like, 5 Things you will have to get used to after moving to Mexico, El Doctorcito Seafood and Ceviche Restaurant Review, November 9, 2020 in Daytrips, tours, activities and excursions //, October 22, 2020 in Tourist Transportation //, Daytrips, tours, activities and excursions, Contact email information for website. The store does have a garden department but we find this to be a bit boring (see photo to the side). Sí, desde ya. They even have cutting services in the department for you. Monday-Saturday 7:00am-10:00pm Sundays 8:00am-10:00pm. 20 reviews of The Home Depot "El peor servicio de mi vida/ The worse service I ever had. Some of this service and knowledge gets lost in large store as well as the customer experience. They have very convenient hours and long hours per day. Plaza Las Americas, 2. Today March 7th of 2019 I went to the Home Depot Cancun. 3 reviews of The Home Depot "We needed to replace a bathroom light fixture and found some reasonably priced at Home Depot in Playa del Carmen however when we went to find the bulbs that would fit the fixture we could not find any. They have three options in size and they were better priced than Home Depot last time we checked. Luis D. Colosio near Plaza Las Americas. Luis D. Colosio near Plaza Las Americas. Malísimo servicio al cliente! Recuerde que para facturar en Home Depot tiene que hacerlo dentro del plazo habilitado (60 días) Está intentando facturar un ticket que pertenece a otra empresa: Si es así, debe realizar la facturación en el sitio de la empresa en cuestión: Fallas temporales en el servicio de facturación en línea Roofing tile in both ceramic and plastic. Seeing the new Home Depot store really impresses the convenience, availability and visibility of products. I agree their floral and plant section is not very good. Amazon does work well now in Mexico. Address: Blvd. Plus use our free tools to find new customers. It is the same as the Cancun store but it is a great selection to have when thinking about what to install in your home or update the look. If you come from the hotel zone take the bus R1 “Ruta 1” Get off at the first bus stop in town then walk south around five blocks, ask for Plaza las Americas Mall, once you get there just walk one block to the south. If […], Soriana Supermarket and department stores Address: Ave. Andrés Quintana Roo & Ave. Kabah #S/N. Prices on some products can be higher over local specialty stores, but it is hard to compare sometimes because the quality of the product and price cannot be clearly compared because they sell different brands. Hello John How to get there? It mainly only has small plants and nothing very exotic or tropical. People would go all the way to Cancun to the home Depot there for many reasons such as one stop shopping, numerous products available, having things available and in stock, ability to see what is available and wander the store, and clear prices for things. Previously the closest store was in Cancun, which was the only Home Depot in Quintana Roo state. You can order things in mexicon or internationally. Groceries, clothing electronics, pharmacy, food court, 2 ATM and a large food court. Home Depot has been great to have in Playa Del Carmen. Home Depot makes it easier to get these. Facturación Electrónica, Cancún, Mexico. Soriana specializes in Groceries, fresh vegetables, bakery, food court, 2 ATM machines, pet shop, boutiques, book store, clothing, sporting goods, tools, electronics, pharmacy and a bank. The Home Depot Cancun Address: Blvd. VENTA DE TIMBRES FISCALES, CURSOS Y CAPACITACIÓN. Feel at home ! I bought a chandelier yesterday, a washer and dryer, and six beach chairs. ", "Trae paciencia y algo con que entretenerte ya que siempre habrá mínimo 5 personas antes que tu", "A good place to find almost anything at a very good price! Below is a map, but it is easier of you know it is at Avenue Colosio and the Carretera. The basic model is the same and even the layout. Encuentras lo que necesitas pero el servicio generalmente es malo. The lighting department offers a different range of lights then in the US or Canadian market. First time I went there, I ordered a washer and dryer in January. We can also see in the next few years a trend in home design and exterior features to have the “Home Depot look”. But no dishwasher. It makes shopping easier for construction materials. This makes another one of the popular “big box” stores to arrive for the convenience of shoppers in Playa and this area of the Riviera Maya. The nice thing is that most of the products are on display and you can look them over and get ideas for what you want or need. The Home Depot Cancun Address: Blvd. Realice la facturación de su ticket Home Depot en línea y en instantes. The closet storage isle was one of the most popular when we walked around. En línea no los tienen enumerados. Si ingresó correctamente sus datos fiscales, Home Depot generará automáticamente su factura. How to get there? Exactly like The Home Depot back home, this store offers the same Hardware, tools, garden appliances, plants, paint, house appliances, electronics, 1 ATM machine. The city is growing and there is a large market for materials but in the long run this should impact some of the smaller independent suppliers along the highway. Luis D. Colosio near Plaza Las Americas. Shop online for all your home improvement needs: appliances, bathroom decorating ideas, kitchen remodeling, patio furniture, power tools, bbq grills, carpeting, lumber, concrete, lighting, ceiling fans and more at The Home Depot. It will however make it easy to start projects and easier for your partner to go shopping and look at all the possibilities for your home and get on you about those projects that have been waiting to be started. Check items with parts. A simple cash register receipt will not work for this purpose. Ubique dónde se encuentra el número de ticket sobre el recibo. If you own a property and might be interested in selling it in the future, then having a factura will enable you to take those expenses off your capital gains taxes.