The pics I did upload was one without the flash and only illuminated by the led's/lights on the unti, this is the calm green i believe, the other I had my ceiling lights on. I was able to get around 50’+ for line of site and around 40’ with one wall separating phone and speaker. Me and my wife were debating between this an a JBL Xtreme 2, ultimately we decided to go with the Sony XB41. This version is pretty similar. At first glance, the Sony SRS-XB41 is definitely eye-catching. Unlike the 31, this has it's own dedicated charger, whereas that one charged via MicroUSB. Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 1975 reviews. There’s an extra bass boost built-in, for deeper sounds, and a Live sound mode which is intended to mimic the feeling of being at a live concert. The back ports are covered by a rubber flap and the waterproof/dustproof thing doesn’t apply if the flap is open; something to keep in mind. You can also plug in your phone via a 3.5mm audio jack if your phone still has one, and save on battery power on both your phone, and the speaker itself. There is 24 hour battery life with all the lights turned off and what i can say is with all the lights on full blast and the extra bass mode turned on i got about a little over 18 hours of full battery usage. Buen altavoz y manejable. Productos & soluciones profesionalesContactoInformación empresa, Términos/condiciones uso WebPolítica de privacidad. I now have 3 and love that you can wirelessly group the speakers together for play. Bluetooth never was disconnected, and I could easily step 50 feet away from my speaker without and interference or dropping happening. Botones para adelantar o retroceder canciones. Aunque me ha decepcionado un poco el volumen que para las dimensiones del altavoz me esperaba mas sinceramente. Flashing strobes and the ability to add in your own personal beats is a different design that i have yet to see on any other device of this nature. . These are amazing speakers: look great, have solid sound, get very loud, can be combined together, are IP67x rated, beautiful lighting effects, and just all around a stellar product. It doesn’t have the best sound quality, but it’s got a lot of other extras built-in that I think makes it pretty strong party speaker. It’s great to be able to take this speaker to the ball park without having to worry about it getting wet or dirty. poolside parties, BBQ's or even camping then this is a must have. Te recomendamos revisar el siguiente enlace para activar este modo: También con dos altavoces conectados mediante la función agregar bocina, puedes un sonido y unos graves más potentes: (copia y pega el enlace en tu navegador).Soporte de Sony. The Fiestable app allows you ALOT of control over the colors of the lights as well functionality that lets you control the sound of whatever you're playing with the ability to add sounds (drums, scratching, etc). I'm sorry, but in my opinion, that's just stupid. I still however there was something directly on the speaker that would tell you the battery percentage. If you are willing to shell out ~$250 on a BT speaker, this is one of the best value for your money. Hi Versula, we're glad you like the Sony XB41. Before we get to our Sony SRS-XB41 Review, let’s start by remembering that it was a Dutchman, Jaap Hartsen, working in Copenhagen for Ericsson that gave us Bluetooth. I would definitely recommend it. this is a good speaker. The JBL on the other hand, seemed like the sound was more trapped inside the component itself. I do think the mids and highs come through a little muddy no matter what I set in the app. It also has something new this year called Party Booster, which basically turns it the speaker into your own little electric tambourine thing. NFC made it even easier. Again, the volume from the XB31 is comparable to this speaker, but the sound from the XB41 is richer and it easily fills a room with music without straining. Party chaining works as advertised, well at least with my one other speaker. We love the phone charging options, and the fact that the speaker looks great. Met my expectations for a speaker loud enough to share with a small audience (indoors). Door latches pretty tightly. Waterproof? The ability to connect more than 100 speakers is a great feature and it will help to place speakers in each room. Clearly, SONY engineers did a lot of work to make such a nice bass come from such a small system. That concept is huge, as no one wants to haul around a proprietary cable around. The fabric is supposedly an exclusive print made in Japan for Sony, so the quality is there. Solid, strong, low-profile...easy to connect via BT. This speaker is about 50% larger than the SRS-XB31 and the sound is bigger; the overall volume is about the same, but the XB41 has stronger bass. One surprising and delightful feature was the reactive lighting that is colorful and spontaneous.