... You can use cool to emphasize that an amount or figure is very large, especially when it has been obtained easily. 1. to stop using an addictive substance abruptly and completely. His shirt was clinging to his skin with sweat. She took them to visit her sedate, elderly cousins. 2. to undergo sudden and complete withdrawal from a habitual activity or behavior pattern. Someone who is cold-blooded does not show any pity or emotion. If something leaves you cold, it fails to excite or interest you. Falsos sinónimos: "Trendy", "fashion" y "cool" Estas tres palabras no significan lo mismo, aunque sí pertenecen a la misma familia, la del lenguaje de la moda. Hijo de emigrantes vivió en Suiza hasta los 13 años y posteriormente en Madrid y Alicante. Sinónimo cool inglés, significado, diccionario inglés de sinónimos, consulte también 'coolness',condole',console',cook', ejemplos, conjugación 'It's your choice, Nina,' David said coolly. But when Gough looked to Haig for support, he was given the cold shoulder. He was trying to be really cool and trendy. It was bitterly cold..., The house is cold because I can't afford to turn the heat on..., This is the coldest winter I can remember. If you lose your cool, you get angry or upset. These figures may look good on paper but are cold comfort to the islanders themselves. Slang term meaning good looking, stylish or. Se hizo actor por casualidad sustituyendo a un actor enfermo en un grupo de teatro independiente. Watch out! calm down, relax, take a time out. o Sinónimos: impudence, audacity, boldness, insolence Más sinónimos de cool. cooler, UK: cool box n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. Some young people may seem bold and confident, but inside they are very fragile. Libros De Turismo Sustentable Pdf, He's got a superior car, and it's easy to win races that way. Read our series of blogs to find out more. People found her too cool, aloof and arrogant. Within a few minutes tempers had cooled... His weird behaviour had cooled her passion. Reptiles, for example, are cold-blooded. 3. to begin or do something without planning, preparation, or practice. The ice-cool driver has built a reputation for pulling out his best performances under pressure. I didn't like him at all. The Cold War was the period of hostility and tension between the Soviet bloc and the Western powers that followed the Second World War. Fase Previa Europa League 2020 2021, Un oubli important ? She kept her cool and managed to get herself out of the situation. Desarrollo Sustentable Y Sostenible, We fell in love with a black dog with a long, We need to make our research readable and, Todos los sinónimos de INGLÉS que empiezan por 'C'. Jeffy has a pencil up his nose. English These days, you can do a similar thing, it just looks a bit cooler . A cold trail or scent is one which is old and therefore difficult to follow. Buscar todos los diccionarios oficiales de Collins. Cold food, such as salad or meat that has been cooked and cooled, is not intended to be eaten hot. Busque cool y muchas más palabras en el diccionario Reverso de sinónimos en inglés . Dave Brubeck Quartet: Time Out (Columbia, 1959). If you say that someone is coolabout something, you mean that they accept it and are not angry or upset about it. It's ridiculous to play it cool if someone you're mad about is mad about you too. All Free. If you describe someone as ice-cold, you are emphasizing that they do not allow their emotions to affect them or that they lack feeling and friendliness. When something cools or when you cool it, it becomes lower in temperature. Puede completar los sinónimos de cool propuestos por el diccionario Reverso de sinónimos en inglés consultando otros diccionarios especializados en sinónimos de palabras en inglés: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase, Merriam Webster, Longman... Diccionario Inglés-Sinónimos: traducir en Sinónimos con nuestros diccionarios en línea. Los campos obligatorios están marcados con *. 3 sinônimos de cool para 1 sentido da palavra cool:. When a feeling or emotion cools, or when you cool it, it becomes less powerful. ...the first major crisis of the post-Cold War era.