Eight additional defensive starters and other players are headed to the COVID-19/Reserve list after being deemed high-risk close contacts. Following that weekend, they exchanged gifts–a Niners jersey for Pentagon, and a luchador mask for Kittle. And Pentagon gave his blessing to use the “Cero Miedo” trademark, a sign that he believes his friend is destined for greatness. [7] The following month Pentagón made his American debut as he worked a match on the World Wrestling Federation's (WWF) Raw is War show, teaming with Heavy Metal and Pierroth to defeat Octagón, Latin Lover and Hector Garza in his only official match for the WWF. The arrangement between AAA and the WWF meant that the WWF would send wrestlers to Mexico on occasion, one such occasion saw Pentagón team up with Diesel and "Razor" Ramon, who were also the second version of those characters like Pentagón. He also puts his wrestling fandom on display on the field. There has been at least two diffent people under the Pentagoncito character. Only championships won under the "Pentagón/Pentagoncito" character are listed. [10] This marked the first time the Pentagón character worked as a Face (called a tecnico in Lucha Libre, the "good guy") and actually meant that he would team up with now former nemesis Octagón. [17][18] The "Evil" twin concept was used both for Octagón to create Pentagón and for Máscara Sagrada ("Sacred Mask") to create Máscara Maligna ("Evil Mask"), and the two storylines began to intertwine leading up to AAA's Triplemanía X show on July 5, 2002. For the polygon, see. The Luchas de Apuestas match is often used to end a long running storyline between two wrestlers and when Octagón overcame Pentagón once and for all, forcing him to unmask after the match the storyline finally came to an end. His first major clash with his counterpart came as part of AAA's 1997 Rey de Reyes ("King of Kings") tournament which saw Octagón outlast Pentagón, Fuerza Guerrera and El Pantera to qualify for the finals of the Rey de Reyes tournament. He would later work under other ring names as well, but none as notable as Pentagón/Pentagón Black.[16]. At the 2012 Guerra de Titanes AAA introduced the repackaged Dark Dragon as "Pentagón Jr.", the natural antagonist to Octagón Jr.[22], This article is about the Mexican wrestling character. This version of Pentagoncito is also related to the original Pentagón, although the specific family connection has not been revealed. Jalo Y Exhalo - (Video Oficial) - T3R Elemento, David Bernal y Ruben Figueroa - DEL Records 2020 - Duration: 3:11. At the 1998 Guerra de Titanes show Octagón and Heavy Metal defeated Pentagón and Kick Boxer inside a Steel Cage. [15] Following the Triplemanía VIII match Mercado left AAA and began working primarily in Japan, he adopted the ring name Pentagón Black, changing the character and mask just enough to distance himself from AAA, but still use the reputation of Pentagón. There have been at least three distinctive versions of Pentagón. [6] Wrestler José Mercado López was selected to play the role, Mercado had previously worked as Joe Mercado, Metálico (Not the current Metálico) and Dr. Cerebro (Not the current Dr. Cerebro). The Pentagón Viper character was used briefly in the Japanese wrestling promotion Zero-1 by either Pentagón Black or by Kazuhiko Masada who worked one tour with them under that name. [20], Pena had introduced the Mini-Estrella character Octagoncito to AAA, creating a smaller version of the original Octagón. Kittle has been fearless throughout his career, particularly this season, as a threat both. At one point La Amapola played the role of "Lady Pentagón" in AAA, related with a rumored introduction of Lady Octagón but the character was extremely short lived and only seen in videos and vignettes, never actually competing in the ring under that name. #PentaZeroMiedo #LuchaBrothers. [1][5] Ricardo Moreno would on occasion work under the ring name Pentagón on the Independent circuit, but AAA never used the Pentagón character again. “It is an honor that an athlete like George would do that during a game,” said Pentagon, who, per lucha tradition, does not reveal his name or age in interviews. “The 49ers are going to win the Super Bowl and George Kittle is going to be the star,” said Pentagon, whose interview was translated from Spanish. Justin Barrasso can be reached at JBarrasso@gmail.com. The Celtics have reportedly been interested in trying to move up in Wednesday's draft. Here is a disclaimer. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. Following the introduction of the Pentagón persona Peña also introduced Pentagoncito, a Mini-Estrellas of Pentagón to act as the protagonist against the Mini-Estrella Octagoncito. Kittle and Pentagon developed a bond after WrestleMania weekend two years ago in New Orleans. DEL Records Recommended for you Another wrestler Pentagoncito on the Mexican independent circuit, primarily to work with the original Octagoncito that kept using the name even after leaving AAA. © 2020 ABG-SI LLC. [1] Since the Pentagón wore a mask that covered his entire face and a wrestling outfit that left only the fingers exposed it was easy to replace the man under the mask,[5] a practice that Peña used several times since then. In 2012 AAA introduced Octagón, Jr., which led to the introduction of Pentagón Jr. a few months later. The duo unsuccessfully challenged Fuerza Guerrera and Mosco de la Merced for the Mexican National Tag Team Championship on two separate occasions. The SI Gambling team of golf experts breaks down their top wagers for this week’s RSM Classic at Sea Island Resort. And Pentagon gave his blessing to use the “Cero Miedo” trademark, a sign that he believes his friend is destined for greatness. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, even if it means rushing there from a game, get in the ring himself back home in Iowa. Pentagón Jr.'s catchphrase, Cero Miedo (Zero Fear) was created to show no fear to the curse. Pentagón II was the only wrestler to win a championship under that name, defeating arch rival Octagón on March 28, 1997 to win the Mexican National Middleweight Championship as another step in the storyline between the two rival characters. The introduction of Octagoncito was followed by the introduction of Pentagoncito, another Mini-Estrella created to play the antagonist to Octagoncito. His first down celebration is a tribute to Pentagon’s “Cero Miedo” finger gesture, which means “zero fear.”, “Two years ago in New Orleans, I went to WrestleMania and I saw him wrestle like six different times at a bunch of different shows,” Kittle told reporters this week. [1] Since the Pentagón character wore a mask to cover his entire face it was decided to give the character to another wrestler who then became Pentagón. Pentagon expressed amazement that his trademark will be on display in America’s biggest game, the Super Bowl. The gimmick was created as an Evil twin of professional wrestler Octagón and is always a rudo, or heel character (a character portraying the "bad guy" in wrestling.) The San Francisco 49ers look to tie the NFL record with their sixth Super Bowl victory this Sunday. [9] The storyline with Abismo Negro saw Negro defeat Pentagón on May 19, 1998 to win the Mexican National Middleweight Championship from him. 49ers star George Kittle borrowed his first down celebration from AEW’s Pentagon Jr.—and the admiration is mutual.