Seis meses después, una catástrofe repercute en la vida de Lidia, Marga, Carlota, Ángeles y sus seres queridos. Lidia tells Francisco about it and he confronts the legal advisor about it. Lidia arma una coartada, pero un robo complica todo y descubren que Marga mintió. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), When Lidia starts working at the company he recognizes her at once as his childhood sweetheart. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Por su parte, Carlos tiene una pelea con su padre. Marga descubre quién la traicionó. Before he left Lidia gave him the plans for her project and asked him for his opinion. El cuñado de Marga llega de sorpresa. Carlota empieza a sospechar de Sara. He thinks about leaving his wife for Lidia and seems to still love her but is greatly hurt when Lidia is forced to lie to him by Beltràn, telling him she doesn’t love her anymore. He is portrayed by Yon González. }); gads_event = event; Carlos is killed for deserting, with his death made to look like a suicide. In Chapter 17: Time, Lidia is getting married to Carlos, and before the ceremony starts Francisco kisses Lidia on the cheek and tells him that he wants her to be happy. if(document.querySelector("#ads")){ Lidia piensa cómo salvar a una amiga y escucha la versión de Elisa sobre lo que le pasó a Carlos. eventAction: 'view' With the help of Mario he starts spying on Carlos’ phone calls. Una aventura animada interactiva de Matt Layzell. However he later turns up at Victoria’s, revealing to Alba that he had been there years ago but Victoria had pretended not to know Alba. Status Spoilers for 'Cable Girls' Season 5B. He is hardworking and reliable which is why Carlos’ father takes him more serious than his own son. El astuto plan de Carmen parece funcionar. Francisco told her it was too early to start a relationship again but that he wanted to help her with her project and work together with her to get into the company again. Calm Suspicious Strict Caring Gentle Compassionate. hitType: 'event', Carlota visita el frente oeste junto a James, por más que le pese a Óscar. hitType: 'event', Elisa tells him to end whatever is between him and Alba or she will kill herself and he wiIl be blamed for it. Moreover, she was upset at Carlos for keeping Francisco away from her after the latter suffered amnesia when he jumped in front of a gun to protect Eva. Alba and Francisco were childhood lovers who went to Madrid together but were parted when Alba was falsely charged with theft. and has emotional outbursts very often. El padre de Carlota interfiere en su vida. La familia Cifuentes llora la pérdida sufrida. Unfortunately, they get captured by the regime's forces. She tearfully asked him to hug her which he did. Lidia y Carlos discuten sobre el diagnóstico de un amigo. Portrayed by However, he later finds out Lidia is only doing this to prevent his life from being destroyed. hitType: 'event', Marga le confía sus secretos a Isidro. When Carlos found out Lidia's real plans and that she was actually Alba (whom he knew about because he and Francisco were best friends), he felt cheated. He gives the money she needs and they kiss at the train station. Over the course of the first season, however, Lidia fell in love with Carlos, despite her lingering feelings for Francisco. Unfortunately, on reaching Madrid the two got separated. All episodes of 'Cable Girls' are now streaming on Netflix. Ángeles descubre el punto débil del inspector Cuevas. Biographical Information La nueva tecnología del rotary divide las lealtades de Lidia, quien debe elegir entre Carlos y sus amigas. When Alba starts a relationship with Carlos he tries to blackmail her intro breaking up with him and leaving their lives forever, saying he will otherwise reveal her real identity to Carlos. He catches her trying to steal money from the company and she admits to being blackmailed by Beltràn. Una segunda opinión médica le da esperanzas a Lidia. },false) Óscar y Carlota ponen en juego su integridad periodística por ayudar a Lidia con Sofía. eventAction: 'click_adunit' Con la ayuda de sus amigos, Lidia intenta chantajear a Carlos para sacar a Sofía del frente de batalla. He had even been to Victoria’s and asked for Alba but she had lied to him. When their adopted daughter, Sofia (Denisse Pena), runs away to fight in the Spanish Civil War, Lidia seeks Carlos's help. He is now working at a factory where Lidia visits him, asking for help in the competition with Carlos. If you have an entertainment scoop or a story for us, please reach out to us on (323) 421-7515. Pablo desaparece. Tráiler de la temporada final (Parte 2): Las chicas del cable, Tráiler de la temporada final (Parte 1): Las chicas del cable, Las chicas del cable: Temporada 4 (Tráiler), Las chicas del cable: Temporada 2 (Tráiler), Las chicas del cable: Temporada 3 (Tráiler), Las chicas del cable: Temporada 3 (Resumen), Resumen de la temporada 4: Las chicas del cable, Las chicas del cable: Temporada 2 (Resumen), Las chicas del cable: Video musical - Vanesa Martín, Las chicas del cable: Temporada 1 (Resumen). Appearances Lidia Aguilar (Girlfriend)Elisa Cifuentes (Ex-wife)Sofia Perez (Adoptive daughter) At the beginning of season 1, she tells him she would like to have a child. Chapter 1: Dreams reporters on a platform technologically tailored to meet the needs of the modern reader. Una serie dramática sobre los orígenes de la crisis de los opioides. Birthplace Lidia y Francisco visitan un orfanato para juntar datos. Mientras la situación avanza, Lidia trata de llegar a Eva, Marga sorprende a Pablo, Ángeles se entera de una verdad y Francisco intenta hacer un rescate. Carlota trabaja para sacar a Sara de la cárcel. La desesperación de Lidia preocupa a Carlos, y Francisco le da una mano. He asks why she does this and she says she's doing what she needs to survive. En este falso documental, el comediante Ryuji Akiyama se hace pasar por diferentes profesionales creativos que se empeñan en hacer las cosas a su modo. La última etapa del plan de escape corre peligro. Marga se entera de que Pablo oculta un problema delicado. Un aliado inesperado ofrece su ayuda para liberar a Óscar. Como el futuro de Carlota es poco prometedor, Óscar decide falsificar pruebas para sacarla de prisión. In season 2, after Lidia’s true identity has been revealed, the two are separated. Francisco is hurt, but he understands. At the end of the fourth season, Lidia leaves Spain with Eva and Francisco. Las fantasías de Carlota la sorprenden. He was married to Carlos Cifuentes' sister Elisa and was treated as one of the Cifuentes family, until Alba Romero, his first love, returned back to his life 10 years later. Carlota recibe noticias de Miguel. However, after having spent so many years together, it looked like Francisco and Lidia were having a happy life. With Blanca Suárez, Yon González, Ana Fernández, Nadia de Santiago. He takes the photos and leaves, accidentally leaving a cigarette box with his name in it behind. Seis meses después, hay muchos cambios en la compañía, las chicas ejecutan una hazaña peligrosa, Lidia sufre un engaño amoroso y Sara se muestra tal cual es. Miguel le exige a Carlota que tome una decisión sobre su relación. Lidia recibe una oferta tentadora. Los amigos idean un plan para liberar a Óscar de prisión, y Marga le pide ayuda a Pablo. Sara busca ayuda médica. document.querySelector("#google_image_div").addEventListener('click',function(){ MEAWW is an initialism for Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide. Lidia está dolida y confundida por la traición de Carlos. Ángeles trata de ganarse la confianza de Pedro Guzmán.