The group feuded mainly with Konnan and Perry Saturn. Super Parka then took the belt and ran off with it. –Crece la rivalidad entre la familia Wagner y El Consejo", "Triplemania XX "El día ha llegado" (Cobertura y resultados 5 de agosto de 2012) – Máscara vs máscara: Dr. Wagner vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. – ¡Kurt Angle en México! but I insist that the park is a great fighter but unfortunately, he sold his mask in fact, it seems that they announced it from before on a cover since half a face appears outside the mask as announcing his face, the truth is a great fighter my countryman LA PARK and for me his mask still had a lot of future, it hurts but that's the way Bitsnes is. During the event La Parka challenged L.A. Park to a match at Triplemania XVIII, under any stipulation the original Parka wanted. He wrestled in a Gauntlet for the Gold for the TNA X Division Championship at one of TNA's weekly PPVs and then appeared in yet another X Division gauntlet match at TNA's inaugural monthly PPV Victory Road, losing on both occasions. May 15, 2000 – Future Wrestling Alliance: Mike Quackenbush vs El Hijo Del Santo ended in a 15 minute time limit draw.. February 26, 2005–FCW: El Hijo del Santo & Mascara Sagrada defeated Super Parka & Pierroth.. January 21, 2006–WWE Live Event: El Hijo Del Santo participated in a “Tribute to Eddie Guerrero” show in Monterrey, Mexico.. February 7, 2006 – El Santo Tribute: Hijo del Santo & Brazo de Platino & Volador Jr. beat Dr. X & Nitro & Sangre Azteca.. July 2, 2006–Pro Wrestling America: Blue Demon defeated Hijo del Santo to retain PWA Title.. July 7, 2007–NWA Pro: El Hijo del Santo/Super Parka/Rayo de Jalisco beat Blue Demon/Pentagon Black/Psicosis by DQ, July 8, 2007—NWA PRO: El Hijo del Santo & Super Parka defeated Psicosis & Pentagon Black…. Joaquin Roldan entered the ring, when L.A. Park attempted to use a steel chair on La Parka. On July 21, 2018, at AAA vs. Elite, L.A. Park teamed with Electroshock and Puma King as representatives of Liga Elite, defeating Team AAA (Psycho Clown, El Hijo del Fantasma and Rey Wagner). El Korak (02/82 - 10/82), Tope De Cristo (flying somersault headbutt) [27] Tapia hyped the show in Ocampo's magazine and website weeks in advance as a "return to the Hardcore style" of ECW. During this time, he teamed with Kaz Hayashi, a Japanese wrestler who also used a "Comedic voice over" gimmick and referred to La Parka as "Skull Captain". [75] On September 15, 2019, Salina de la Renta announced that L.A. Park would be cashing in his Battle Riot title shot against Jacob Fatu at Saturday Night SuperFight. During his time on the independent circuit L.A. Park developed a long-running and very intense feud with El Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon Jr., interjecting himself in a storyline that played off the original rivalry between El Santo and Blue Demon creating a feud that headlined various shows all over Mexico and involves three of the most famous masks of the 1980s and 1990s.[23]. Eddie Guerrero The double bookings came to an end on June 26, 1991 when Stuka unmasked the Invasor del Norte character, revealing that Tapia played both characters. * THE ARMS «THE DEVIL'S MUSKETEERS (EVEN THOUGH IT WAS IN MONTERREY THEN THEY WERE 100% UWA) ABOVE THE UNICA AND ORIGINAL MONCLOVENSE LA PARK PAISANO Pérdida de credibilidad en la lucha libre. Hello parkpuchin I am the original parkita and I inform you I am the one who walks in the province, not the triple aaa, because it has little k I left triple aaa, and they put the current parkitayo I am independent and in my belt I bring ORIGINAL for k I do not know confuse with others k they say parkitas pork I inform you k unfortunately my character is cloned by tooooodas parts but especially in tampico a pirate walks using my bones and they are not worth it I ask them k do not be confused, I am the authentic one and original, thanks.