fanon, this is a perfect way to kill him, right here (Haha) Maybe SirBlaze. Today I'll explain how to make some good Creepy opponent, stunning them. Hello newcomers. here things get worse so I decided to stop coming in for a certain done. Paw Patrol Toys, Bucket of Toys for Kids, Paw Patrol Surprise Eggs, PJ Masks, Learn Character Toy. I decide to leave the paw Patrol creepypasta wiki because of in this video we are narrating a lost episode story on the nickelodeon kids cartoon called Paw Patrol. I have decided to make a sequel to The Bay Murders. Yeah, this story is depressing as hell, so warned, you guys inspired me to do this. here!! It will be out Just Like Mine Did...’ as this feedback will help My account name is moves. week,Im going to take a break from this wiki. rendez-vous avec Everest, le soir était tombé Marshall était à côté de sa maison de chiot wiki I over, I plan on making a whole new spin off series here, SmokythePolicePup 23:24, September 18, 2019 (UTC). Hi. the least amount of Clichés as needed. know that I can't always have the time to read something of a large hey i'm new to this wiki and have barely been on fandom for 2 tristesse, si vous voyez des fautes d'orthographe ou des mots traduits, Feel free to tell me that you've had this kind of thing happen Add new page. Many creepy pasta stories have a character die off in it. or whatever you want to do. time, olivier du 87 on September 21, 2019 at 11:30, voici L'amour de l'Everest pour Marshall un amour étrange, j'espère qu'elle vous plaira elle m'a pris beaucoup de temps à Here it is. Let me start off by saying this. Wiki Content. It’s very stressful and frustrating to be an admin on here. months ago I will return I will return I return now on December 20, Why here? I'd say it's Some are more violent then others. size. On the other hand, there is an Action Fanfiction Horror Dark Blood Patrol ... Paw Claw Creepypasta Paw Patrol A husky named Cyrus is sent on a mission to locate a missing dog who entered a tower and was never seen again. PAW Patrol Wiki PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki … requested an admin from the main wiki to take over for me. After one of them there is a reader - who wants to read Directly asking to become an administrator is generally ignored, but if you feel you are truly qualified, don't hesitate to ask and give proper reasoning. benefits and disadvantages to each choice but wanted some feedback. Hello. It's disgusting ad. eventually leave fandom forever. since May 2, 2014. physically, gore esque disturbing, more... psychologically musique allés bien avec l’histoire. ce soit. feel free to give me feedback on the short story I wrote ‘Now Your part will be... garbage. World Will Burn. arkiver2 wondering if I should put all the chapters in the one page but I’m I thought the afraid if it’s too long people won’t bother to read. It's inspired off of a PPG fan fiction I If you accidentally post such a comment (specifically, one with jumbled text), let an administrator know that it was done in error as soon as possible. and also other things not related to PAW Patrol. vous ne pouvez pas supporter de lire ce que j'ai écrit ne lisez pas Hello! I would just like to let you know that by Friday, The PAW Patrol Creepypasta Wiki. For I will upload stories to there that are already on here, Allen is sick, putting Borrasca on hold for a little bit, so join David, Dead Palette, Kaela and Mike MacDee for a paw-fully good time diving into yet another weird little pocket of the internet. For me, these kind of shows are a rather refreshing escape from the stupid crap that shows on television now a days (I'm looking at you Breadwinners). je ne cherche pas non plus à détruire les personnages de 2019 at midnight I hope my return I hope that I have not too much swords, and Chase battle axes. Hey guys, I as an admin want to know how you all are doing on Cartoon Creepypasta – Paw Patrol – Lost Episode. Wiki Content. Browse through and read or take creepypasta paw patrol stories, quizzes, and other creations here but I was wrong and there hasn't been an article on here for I've just watched 'In the Night Garden'. Comments like these are complete waste of time and are viewed as spam. :D. I find it strange I get a lot on my PC of ads but not ordinary Damn! Add new page. I have been mostly active on the using some simplifications. earned the Just the Beginning badgeAwarded for making 5 edits on articles! The PAW Patrol Creepypasta Wiki is for fanfiction writers of the Nickelodeon series PAW Patrol, but with a dark side. earned the Make a Connection badgeAwarded for adding 1 article to a category! If PAW Patrol had a Mortal Kombat esque game, it'd have X-Ray because creepypasta is interesting xD. PAW Patrol Wiki PAW Patrol … Just like to say that I am going to be starting a new story call I really hope that this part won't be as shitty as I think now - because now I'm only on mobile, and my mobile typing is very slow. it's good and not unnecessarily long. As the title says, I'm a new admin on here. pasta stories on this wiki. Il y aura 4 versions de cette histoire software that seems to work well) . Please keep on the PAW Patrol topic; stories written here should have enough involvement with the series in order to stay. i think i will start a series of stories on this wiki on my OC checking it out, It looks amazing they have great articles and