(A) Total leukocyte numbers in BALF. tropicalis allergic responses in different mouse strains using a short-term model of respiratory allergy to BtE. De acuerdo a ciertos datos epidemiológicos, congruentes con la llamada “teoría de la higiene”, en ambientes con mayor prevalencia de parásitos y microbios (como en zonas rurales de África) la prevalencia de alergias es mucho menor que en el mundo industrializado. All the animal procedures were approved by the Institutional Ethical Committees for Use of Experimental Animals. The first was to study the anti-B. A quantitative digital morphometric analysis was performed using the application program Metamorph 6.0 (Universal Images Corp. Downingtown, PA, USA). Diversos estudios han comprobado reacciones cutáneas positivas a diferentes especies de ácaros, siendo los más importantes en Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos el Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Dermatophagoides farinae, Chortoglyphus arcuatus, Blomia tropicalis y Lepidoglyphus destructor (6-8). From the individuals studied, 184 had rhinitis and 66 had asthma. The data are representative of three independent experiments. These findings justify studies on species-specific diagnosis and immunotherapy for B. tropicalis allergy in regions where this species occurs alone or concomitantly with D. pteronyssinus. After each nebulization with methacholine, recordings were taken for 5 min. De los pacientes con rinitis el 56,5% fueron positivos para Dermatophagoides y el 22,2% lo fueron a Blomia tropicalis. Article  Altogether, we concluded that the short-term experimental model of BtE-induced asthma is reproducible in different mouse strains, although the A/J mice are the best responders, and small quantities of BtE may be used to sensitize this mouse strain. A/J mice, that were the best responders to BtE sensitization, were used to compare the B. tropicalis-specific asthma experimental model with the conventional experimental model of ovalbumin (OVA)-specific asthma. En general, los niños sensibilizados a ácaros mostraron una probabilidad 9.4 veces mayor de sensibilización a Ascaris, lo cual constituye una fuerte evidencia de esta asociación. Figure 1G shows that specific IgG1 was produced in all BtE-sensitized mice and that its levels were statistically different from those of the control mice (p < 0.001 for BALB/C, C57Bl/6, and A/J mice, and p < 0.05 for CBA/J; Tukey's test). B. tropicalis house dust mites were collected from bed dust in Salvador, Brazil, cloned and cultured with a powdered fish food medium (Spirulina, Alcon Gold, São Paulo, Brazil), and dry yeast (Fermipan, São Paulo, Brazil), at 25°C and 75% humidity. Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. Guardar mi nombre, correo electrónico y sitio web en este navegador para la próxima vez que haga un comentario. BtE-sensitized animals had more total serum IgE as well as higher titers of anti-BtE IgE antibodies than the saline control group (Figure 5D and 5E; p < 0.05; Student's t test and Mann-Whitney's test, respectively). ISSUE: 4Year: 2006 This finding corroborated the work of Takeda and collaborators [15], who found an increase of total IgE in BtE- and cholera toxin- sensitized mice. 5d) or in the Th1 cytokine IFN‐γ (Fig. Dr. Raúl Lázaro Castro Almarales, MSc, Especialista de II Grado en Alergología, Profesor Auxiliar. Briefly, the BALF was incubated with an erythrocyte-lysing buffer, consisting of 0.15 M NH4Cl, 1 mM KHCO3 and 0.1 mM EDTA, pH 7.4, and centrifuged. Our data also indicate that results obtained with OVA sensitization cannot be extrapolated to other allergens. The protein content of the aqueous extract was determined by the Folin reagent method, described by Lowry and collaborators [19], and was subsequently stored at -70°C until use. Mice were sensitized by the intranasal instillation of 1 × 106 BMDC pulsed with Blo t 5 followed by intranasal challenges with Blo t 5. NMANeves was T B's post-graduation adviser, planned the experiments, and reviewed the manuscript. Respiratory Research ... Blomia tropicalis (BT) occurs in a significant percentage of homes in tropical and subtropical geographic regions of the United States and Europe and in countries in South America and Asia along with the pyroglyphid mites, Euroglyphus maynei (EM), Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, and D. farinae. Muy abundante en regiones tropicales y subtropicales. Los resultados del estudio serían útiles para la mejor prescripción del tratamiento y en un futuro para el desarrollo de otras formas farmacéuticas de estos productos. La sensibilización a los ácaros del polvo juega un papel muy importante en el desencadenamiento de los padecimientos alérgicos. We further demonstrated that T cells recognizing Blo t 5 epitopes identified in this study were recruited to the lungs following allergen exposure and induced asthma‐like allergic airway inflammation characterized by BAL and lung eosinophilia and production of Th2 cytokines. OVA-sensitized mice also showed increased total cell (p < 0.05; Figure 2A; Tukey's test) and eosinophil counts (p < 0.05; Figure 2B; Tukey's test) in the BALF than the corresponding control, saline-treated animals. Additionally, there were high levels of IL-4 and IL-13 in BALF and increased levels of specific IgE in the sera. In order to verify differences among more than two mouse groups, the results were analyzed using the one-way ANOVA test and the Tukey's post test.